New Gesso Backgrounds or Overlays

I know I say this all the time, but I seriously cannot wait to play with these!  It seems I don’t have much time to use my products much because I am busy creating new products so much.  Hopefully soon things will balance out so I have time for more of my own art projects.  However, I am in the process of a mixed-media type composite using one of these textures as the background!  Adding the background texture just changed the entire feel of my project, and it’s just what I was looking for!  Of course, I will share when I complete it.

Anyway, back to the new product.  Check out the gesso and canvas textures!

The first preview is how they look at 100%.  The second is what the overall page looks like, although reduced significantly to fit the preview.

I left them in gray scale so you can choose the color scheme of your liking.  (If you don’t know how to do that, I have a small video tutorial planned to show you how, but in the meantime, definitely ask me how by emailing me or finding me on Facebook. I am always happy to answer any questions or help out if I can!

As with all my products right now, they are on sale at 50% off!

New Items!

I have been busy trying to get as much stuff in the store before our big 50% off Black Friday Sale.

First up on the list is a brush set that can be used as is, make your own custom borders or clipping masks.  These are Personal Use, Artistic Use and Commercial Use!

Textured Border Brush Set 1

The Watercolor Paper Set is a set of nine jpgs with one design colored nine different ways.  Perfect for those who don’t want to mess around with changing colors! PU, CU and AU!

Personal, Artistic and Commercial Use
Water Color Papers

This brad pack was created to coordinate with the Misty Sky Paper pack!  There are nine elements which include four brads of three different styles.  Add an embellishment to your digital art! PU, CU and AU

Misty Sky Brad Pack

This is the third set of the Cynthia Collection.  Collect the entire series.  There will most definitely be more! Artistic Use License

The Cynthia Collection Part 3

The Triadic Collection is based on a triadic theme on the color wheel of purples, greens and oranges.  As with all our papers, they are 300 ppi and sized at 12 x 12 inches.  Not only can they be used as backgrounds, but they make great textures for your photos as well! As with all my background collections, they come with an Artistic Use license which means you can use them in projects you offer for sale (as long as the product cannot be extracted).  Use them for your art that you submit to art galleries, craft shows, your Scrap For Hire and Scrap For Others projects.

The Triadic Collection

Each of my Artist’s Background Pack kits have their origins in my art room.  They are then brought into Photoshop and layered with a lot of layers of cool yumminess.  I personally can’t wait to work with these in my own art projects, especially this Vintage and Teal collection!  Artistic Use.

Vintage and Teal Artist’s Background Pack

More vintage!  Whenever you see Part 1 on one of my kits, you can assume that means I plan to make more!  Keep checking back to to see what’s new!

The Vintage Collection Part 1


I couldn’t wait to play with my dandelion Photoshop brush set! This isn’t my usual style of art, but, I had a great time playing, just the same!

I started with a couple of backgrounds from the Misty Sky Artist Background Pack and changed blend modes and opacity.   Using a couple different styles of brushes from the Dandelion Brush Set, I stamped three brushes in three different sizes, copied each one and made the top ones larger.  On the bottom dandelion stamps, I chose a brownish color, then changed the blend mode of the color layer (not the brush layer) to Hard Light.  The effect was quite surprising in that it blended the black center into the brown.   Next I chose some foliage from the Hand Painted Purple Passion set and used a bit of Warp to change up some of the angles of the leaves.

Playing with some brushes that come standard with the newest version of Photoshop – 2018 – I dotted in the blow-away parts of the dandelion (I don’t know what else to call them 🙂 ). The stem from the dandelion to the ground was drawn in using a hard brush and then I stamped in a brush from the Textured Brush Set 1 on the sides, enlarging them and changing the blend mode to Color Burn.

Texture 2-9 from The Cynthia Collection Part 2  was layered over the all of these layers and set to Soft Light blend mode with an opacity of 55%.

To bring some light back into the center I placed texture 3-6 of Painterly Backgrounds Set 3 over the top of everything, set the blend mode to Soft Light, 100% opacity, then masked out the edges to keep them dark. (One of my styles is a heavy vignette on the corners and edges, but sometimes to make them look darker without being totally black, I bring in light elsewhere for the illusion of more darkness on the corners and edges.)

There we have it.  A “hand painted” digital art composite!

Hope your day is filled with creativity!

Artfully yours,

P.S.  You will notice over time that I am not very creative with titling my art.  Words don’t come to me as easily as images.  I guess I’m ok with that.  I don’t exactly have any choice 🙂



New Blog Link and Free Texture!

Oops!  Silly me!  I forgot I owned a domain already and I could just create my blog here instead of at the generic WordPress blog site!

Anyway, I added to my last blog post a link to a free texture to get you started!

Hope you are having a great day!

Artfully Yours,