I couldn’t wait to play with my dandelion Photoshop brush set! This isn’t my usual style of art, but, I had a great time playing, just the same!

I started with a couple of backgrounds from the Misty Sky Artist Background Pack and changed blend modes and opacity.   Using a couple different styles of brushes from the Dandelion Brush Set, I stamped three brushes in three different sizes, copied each one and made the top ones larger.  On the bottom dandelion stamps, I chose a brownish color, then changed the blend mode of the color layer (not the brush layer) to Hard Light.  The effect was quite surprising in that it blended the black center into the brown.   Next I chose some foliage from the Hand Painted Purple Passion set and used a bit of Warp to change up some of the angles of the leaves.

Playing with some brushes that come standard with the newest version of Photoshop – 2018 – I dotted in the blow-away parts of the dandelion (I don’t know what else to call them 🙂 ). The stem from the dandelion to the ground was drawn in using a hard brush and then I stamped in a brush from the Textured Brush Set 1 on the sides, enlarging them and changing the blend mode to Color Burn.

Texture 2-9 from The Cynthia Collection Part 2  was layered over the all of these layers and set to Soft Light blend mode with an opacity of 55%.

To bring some light back into the center I placed texture 3-6 of Painterly Backgrounds Set 3 over the top of everything, set the blend mode to Soft Light, 100% opacity, then masked out the edges to keep them dark. (One of my styles is a heavy vignette on the corners and edges, but sometimes to make them look darker without being totally black, I bring in light elsewhere for the illusion of more darkness on the corners and edges.)

There we have it.  A “hand painted” digital art composite!

Hope your day is filled with creativity!

Artfully yours,

P.S.  You will notice over time that I am not very creative with titling my art.  Words don’t come to me as easily as images.  I guess I’m ok with that.  I don’t exactly have any choice 🙂



Using Textures

Textures are oh..my..GOD.. so much fun! If you have never used a texture before, you are in for a treat.

The first image is the original that came straight out of my camera. (I need to put in a disclaimer here – I am not a photographer. I shoot “touristy” images and not National Geographic-type images!)


This next image was after laying three of my textures over the top, two on blend mode Soft Light, one on Overlay, then opacity reduced on all layers. The specific textures I used came from The Cynthia Collection Part 2, The Cynthia Collection Part 1, and  Fine Art Texture Set 5.

Textures Added

Notice all the amazing textures and colors that are now in the rocks and brickwork of this building!

Here’s what you do:

Get a photo of yours that you love (please note that not all textures will work with every photo you have.  All you have to do is look through your stash and find the texture that does work!)

Grab a texture, place it over your image, then start playing with the blend modes.  These will be found on your layers panel:

Scroll through each blend mode to see what looks good, but keep in mind it doesn’t have to be exactly as it is.  You can reduce the opacity, desaturate the layer (I do this a lot!).  If the texture is too intense on your subject, attach a layer mask to the texture, grab a soft brush, lower the brush opacity and start “erasing”!  It’s as easy as that to begin learning how to make your already awesome photograph into a work of art!  And to start you off, I am including a free texture for you which includes an Artistic Use license!

I would love to see what you have created with my textures!  Post them in our Facebook group, Texture Addicts, to share!

I hope you have as much fun playing with textures as I do!

Artfully yours,