Terms of Use

Terms of Use

If you downloaded a freebie, please note it is Personal Use only unless otherwise noted.

Ownership of this product is retained by Leslie Schrader-Fagnan, dba Artfully Yours, Leslie.

Personal Use: 
Product can only be used for your own personal use.  No financial gain can be made by the buyer with this license.  Almost everything I offer for sale will have the option for an Artistic Use License.

Artistic Use License:  Other names that are synonymous with this are Scrap For Hire (S4H) and Scrap For Others (S4O)
This is a limited use license. Purchasing this product does not allow the buyer to produce mass quantities of printed items. If you require print runs of over 250, please definitely do contact me so we can talk and get you a new license. I am most happy to work with you on this at a price that is fair for both of us. Please contact me at leslieschraderfagnan@gmail.com to discuss this type of license.

What you can do with the Artistic License:
• You may use this product in your final art projects that you offer for sale. For example, this license allows you to sell your works of art at art galleries, stores, craft shops, scrap for hire, scrap for others, etc. This license does not allow you to create new items for resale in your scrapbook-type kits.

• Files must be in a flattened format so that the files cannot be extracted. • You may recolor and/or resize.

What you cannot do with this license:

• You cannot resell, redistribute, share or loan this product under any circumstances.

• Layered .PSD files are to not be distributed under any circumstances. Again, all files must be flattened before delivery to your client.

• You may not use the content for any harmful, pornographic, or racial material or material that may be deemed harmful or offensive to another person.

• You may not claim these products as your own designs.

Commercial Use License (when noted)

You can do everything with a commercial use license that you do with an Artistic Use License as well as create new items for resale in your scrapbook-type kits as long as my portion is less than 30% of your entire kit/element and flattened so it cannot be extracted.