Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine, December 2017

A Walk in the Clouds Model: Jessica Truscott, aka Faestock
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I am always honored and excited when I see one of my images has been published in the Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine.  This month is no exception!  What makes this one a bit special, however, is that one of the images selected was sold in an art gallery a couple of weeks ago!  How cool is that?!


Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine November 2017

The Butterfly Wall

I am once again thrilled and honored to have been published in the international magazine Living the Photo Artistic Life! It’s particularly exciting (aside from when I was the featured artist in June 2017, of course) because this is a new style I am trying.  This is what led me to revamping my store at North and South Studios. Everything I sell in my store was created because I either needed it for a project I was currently working on, or think I will need it for a future project.  I won’t sell anything in my store that I wouldn’t use to create my own art.

(Please note that nothing in these images is available in the store.  A lot of the elements came from other designers since I hadn’t decided to revamp Artfully Yours, Leslie yet.  However, the textures and my own variations of the elements will be available at some point)

Pieces of Time

I love the look of those mixed media collage type things you may have seen on Pinterest or elsewhere.  I wanted to try to duplicate the look in Photoshop.

Each of these images took me five days to create.  Every single element has a curves “dodge and burn” layer on them to add more shadows and highlights, or to create them in the first place.   The textures were created digitally, so that required a lot of trial and error to get them exactly as I wanted them.  I was also playing around with styles a lot, which isn’t something that was required in my usual art style.  I generally create photo surrealism images, which I absolutely love to do.  But, for now, this is my latest “love”!

See more of my digital artistry at Art Beat Images!

I hope you are having a creative day!

Artfully Yours,