New Releases

I have been a bit busy in the past couple of days making a few new items for the store.  I sat down to play with some of my items as well as a couple of the other designer’s products (Linda Lee Hall’s Wings brushes and Nellie Bell’s Relics for the charm on the necklace) at North and South Studios to make this image.

The most exciting and my favorite thing I have created this week for my photo composites is this set of lightening overlays.  They were created on 100% black backgrounds to make it easy for it to “blend away” when you change your blend mode to Screen or Lighten.  I love adding lightning to my composites!

Some of the textures used to create this came from my newest Fine Art Texture sets: Teal, Gray, Brown and Turquoise and Purple.  I generally have a certain color scheme in mind for my finished art work, so a lot of times I will desaturate my texture so as not to add any more color.  However, they look pretty awesome in color as well!  Textures can be used as backgrounds in your creative works, too!

I have also added two new brush sets, both vintage-y (Is that a word?!).   Both sets are authentic vintage pieces from the 1700s!  As with all my brushes, they were created in Photoshop 2018, but png files are included in case you can’t use the brushes in your version of Photoshop or Elements (or other software you use.)  They also come with licensing for Artistic Use, Commercial Use, Commercial Use for Commercial Use and, of course, Personal Use.

And just a reminder – if you use Coupon Code AYLJAN18 at check out, you will receive 50% off your entire cart of $10 or more!

Hope you are having a happy day!

Artfully Yours,

Scrap Twist Blog Train – January 2018

I love Photoshop brushes.  I love using them and I love making them, especially subtle stain-type brushes.  There is so much you can do with a stain brush.  You can use it as a clipping mask, add color to it, then change your blend mode to color burn.  Keep experimenting with the color and blending modes to get the perfect look!

This month, I am giving four stain brushes as part of the Scrap Twist Blog Train.  I love the paper texture in the stain, as well!  I can’t wait to use these in my own work!

This set of brushes comes with an Artistic Use license, which means you can use these brushes in your finished, printed product for sale.

Click the image for your download.


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Night Owl

I came across an image on Pixabay today of this owl and he basically screamed at me to stop what I was doing and play with him today.  Not one to ignore a screaming image, I did just that.  The photographer, Georg_Wietschorke, did an amazing job.

I used two of my Textured Backgrounds and a texture from The Cynthia Collection Part 3.  The final texture was by Jai Johnson.   The textured backgrounds gave the image a slight gesso feel to it, almost like the background was painted.  I like that look in photographs.

Next came Linda Lee Hall’s Tree Branch Extractions to add a bit more detail to the foreground.

Anyone who knows the art side of me knows how much I love playing with light and shadows using curves.  This image is no exception!  Adding curves layers puts a bit more oomph into an image! I am hoping to do a tutorial on that in the near future!

Not only do I love light, but I love, love, love texture on my images!  I made a quicky, basic, tutorial on an earlier blog post on how to use textures.  It really is a very basic tutorial.  There is so much more to using textures than I show in the tutorial, but, it will get you started if you aren’t familiar with them.

Hope you are having a spectacularly creative day!

Artfully Yours,