Night Owl

I came across an image on Pixabay today of this owl and he basically screamed at me to stop what I was doing and play with him today.  Not one to ignore a screaming image, I did just that.  The photographer, Georg_Wietschorke, did an amazing job.

I used two of my Textured Backgrounds and a texture from The Cynthia Collection Part 3.  The final texture was by Jai Johnson.   The textured backgrounds gave the image a slight gesso feel to it, almost like the background was painted.  I like that look in photographs.

Next came Linda Lee Hall’s Tree Branch Extractions to add a bit more detail to the foreground.

Anyone who knows the art side of me knows how much I love playing with light and shadows using curves.  This image is no exception!  Adding curves layers puts a bit more oomph into an image! I am hoping to do a tutorial on that in the near future!

Not only do I love light, but I love, love, love texture on my images!  I made a quicky, basic, tutorial on an earlier blog post on how to use textures.  It really is a very basic tutorial.  There is so much more to using textures than I show in the tutorial, but, it will get you started if you aren’t familiar with them.

Hope you are having a spectacularly creative day!

Artfully Yours,

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