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Happy holidays from the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York!

I’ve been busy! I have been making changes in all areas of my digital creations and I have some samples of my artwork for you this month!

This is the first time I have joined a blog train in almost two years!   I chose to give an Artist Background Pack for the month of December.  The elements used to make the papers were originally created in my art room, then brought into Photoshop and pieced together with other items to create unique, one of a kind papers.

My portion of the train can be found here or by clicking the image above!  Don’t forget to scroll down this post so you can hit everyone on the train!

I hope you enjoy them. Be sure to like or follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the new and exciting things coming from Artfully Yours, Leslie and like North and South Studio’s Facebook Page too!  Also, join my Facebook Group for exclusive freebies!



Artfully Yours,

Personal Use Only


 Check out the rest of the train!

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