Brand New Facebook Group!

One of the things about other art groups that bothers me is they seem to be just strictly sharing art/scrapbook pages or sharing ads.  There  doesn’t seem to be much interaction between artists. I am a social person and like to get to know my fellow artists and scrapbookers!

By joining Artfully Yours, Leslie’s Facebook group, members are encouraged to ask questions of each other, share tips and tricks and just overall have fun getting to know each other. In addition to all that, you will get alerted of Artfully Yours, Leslie sales before anyone else and get access to freebies that are exclusive to those in my group.

Sharing your art and scrapbook pages is highly encouraged, even if Artfully Yours, Leslie products are a small percentage of your completed project.  With that said, I am not looking for my group to be a scrapbook CT dumping ground.  Using other designers’ products in your art that you share are more than ok and definitely acceptable, but please don’t share links to another designer’s store.  However, crediting them is perfectly fine (and encouraged!)

I hope to see you in the Artfully Yours, Leslie Facebook Group!!

Artfully Yours,