Purple Passion Hand Painted Set

I wasn’t planning on venturing into my art room today, but decided I needed some hand painted flowers and stems in my latest project.  It has been a while since I have painted like this.  I now remember just how much I loved it!   I can’t wait to start creating my digital image using these and the dandelion brushes I made the other day!

Each flower, leaf and stem (with the exception of a couple of leaves on a twig) are separate so one can make their own flower “painting.”

Since I was in my art room and I already had a mess to clean up anyway, I decided to keep moving on and I made some modeling paste textures.  I haven’t digitized those yet (is that even a word?), but hopefully soon I will have them uploaded.  I need those for my current project as well.

Hand Painted Purple Passion Set can be found here and since I had a lot of fun doing this set, expect to see more in the future!

Artfully yours,

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